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Polystyrene Recycling (PS, GPPS, HIPS, EPS Foam) Newsgroup

EXPIRED LISTING - submitted on 2019-03-19.
Details and prices quoted are no longer current or valid.
PS Polystyrene Recycling : AVAILABLE TO SELL


HIPS Grey colour repro .
HIPS Grey colour repro pellet made from yoghurt pot production waste. Filtered through 60 micron mesh on twin screw extruder but may have up to 1000ppm aluminium content. Using for sheet extrusion and is going to "green" colour for example. Have stopped producing and looking to clear the stock.

Listing ID: LA1240533
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Quantity Units Frequency
77 MT One Time Only
Price Funds Per Unit
880.00 USD MT

NOTE : This is an archived listing and the details of the listing are outdated and no longer valid.
ID TYPE ITEMS ( Found : 4265 ) DATE
LW1243073 Wanted Mixed PS Scrap (loose). 2019-04-23 10:58:00
LA1243049 Available HIPS Grey colour repro . 2019-04-23 05:17:00
LW1242781 Wanted High MFI PS Repro. 2019-04-18 18:13:00
LA1242759 Available HIPS reels black regrind . 2019-04-18 12:38:00
LW1242471 Wanted EPS . 2019-04-15 04:34:00
LW1242467 Wanted EPS Regrind. 2019-04-14 23:21:00
LW1242441 Wanted White PS Regrind. 2019-04-13 12:02:00
LW1242415 Wanted EPS MELT INGOT & EPS COLD BLOCK. 2019-04-12 19:26:00
LW1242124 Wanted GPPS or HIPS . 2019-04-09 13:00:00
LW1241888 Wanted PS regrind any type. 2019-04-06 12:27:00
LW1241845 Wanted clear and natural HIPS. 2019-04-05 20:32:00
LA1241759 Available PS Polystyrene White / with printed ink . 2019-04-04 16:37:00
LW1241743 Wanted HIPS Regrind . 2019-04-04 14:39:00
LA1241731 Available K-Resin KR03 Clear Regrind. 2019-04-04 11:41:00
LA1241689 Available GPPS REGRIND MIX COLORS SCRAP IN BIG BAGS. 2019-04-04 01:58:00
LA1241440 Available NATURAL HIPS SCRAP. 2019-03-31 23:01:00
LW1241322 Wanted HIPS Regrind. 2019-03-29 04:47:00
LW1241305 Wanted Colored PS Repro . 2019-03-28 17:30:00
LA1241269 Available Mixed PS Regrind. 2019-03-28 02:50:00
LA1241079 Available PS white repro. 2019-03-25 04:20:00
LA1240933 Available HIPS REPROCESSED IN BLACK. 2019-03-23 05:29:00
LW1240908 Wanted EPS off grade beads or off spec EPS resin. 2019-03-22 20:33:00
LA1240736 Available ABS scrap available. 2019-03-21 04:35:00
LA1240534 Available Mixed coloured foamed PS pellet, regind, crushed lump. 2019-03-19 06:43:00
LA1240533 Available HIPS Grey colour repro . 2019-03-19 06:36:00
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Polystyrene Recycling (PS, GPPS, HIPS, EPS Foam) Newsgroup
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