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PET Plastic Recycling (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Newsgroup

EXPIRED LISTING - submitted on 2019-04-18.
Details and prices quoted are no longer current or valid.
PET Plastic Scrap : WANTED TO BUY


Bale clear pet bottles, grade a and grade b.
Baled Clear PET Scrap shall consist of sorted clear PET bottles or containers compacted into secure bundles with a minimum weight density of 10 lb./cubic foot. May contain clear Post Consumer PET Soda Bottles.

Listing ID: LW1242764
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Quantity Units Frequency
2000 ton Month
Price Funds Per Unit
.10 USD lbs

NOTE : This is an archived listing and the details of the listing are outdated and no longer valid.
ID TYPE ITEMS ( Found : 16336 ) DATE
LA1245576 Available Baled Clear PET . 2019-05-24 19:42:00
LA1245524 Available PET Scrap . 2019-05-24 04:43:00
LA1245515 Available Scrap pet bottle. 2019-05-24 03:17:00
LA1245487 Available baled clear pet trays. 2019-05-23 18:20:00
LA1245450 Available Pet bottles . 2019-05-23 12:26:00
LA1245442 Available HOT WASHED CLEAR PET FLAKES. 2019-05-23 10:20:00
LA1245429 Available PET beige & white regrind flake from sheet.. 2019-05-23 07:11:00
LA1245428 Available PET orange regrind flake from sheet.. 2019-05-23 07:07:00
LA1245426 Available PET black regrind flake from sheet. 2019-05-23 07:00:00
LA1245292 Available Hot Washed PET flakes 100% clear. 2019-05-21 20:16:00
LW1245249 Wanted Clear PET flake. 2019-05-21 12:45:00
LW1245242 Wanted LDPE Plastic Film. 2019-05-21 11:22:00
LW1245231 Wanted pet bottle. 2019-05-21 10:25:00
LA1245167 Available Hot washed clear PET flakes. 2019-05-20 15:45:00
LA1245166 Available Baled Clear PET Scrap. 2019-05-20 15:29:00
LA1245028 Available Clear PET Flake/Regrind. 2019-05-18 16:54:00
LW1245022 Wanted PET Fines and PURGE. 2019-05-18 15:45:00
116499 Forum PET drops $0.04 USD/LBS. 2019-05-17 22:00:00
LW1244937 Wanted PET purge. 2019-05-17 10:43:00
LW1244936 Wanted PET colored reground flake. 2019-05-17 10:39:00
LA1244783 Available PET Color Momofilament. 2019-05-15 22:42:00
LA1244779 Available Clear PET Bottle flake, washed. Green also available. . 2019-05-15 21:01:00
LW1244610 Wanted Clear pet scrap. 2019-05-14 09:11:00
LA1244564 Available PET clear regrind. 2019-05-13 16:47:00
LA1244510 Available PET repro. 2019-05-13 01:26:00
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PET Plastic Recycling (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Newsgroup
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